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Anyone willing to form a Duo? (or Trio)
If you're new to Tree of Savior, read this thread first before asking how to get into the Korean Server >>> http://forum.treeofsaviorgame.com/thread-1806.html

I feel pretty lonely in Tree of Savior since that Skygrinder is gone :/

Anyways, the point of this Duo is that our character's pacing will be the same. We'll leave the characters untouched (except for setting attributes) if the other is unable to play. While waiting for the other person we will play our own solo characters.

If you are new and want to form this duo with me, DO NOT use the class you want to progress the most for the duo. Save the excitement for that to your solo character. This is so that you will not feel bored having to wait for me (sometimes). Instead, use a class that you wish to try out. Since we're running a duo we can help each other grind/quest.

Only sad part is that the game removed Player-to-Player Trading and market needs a few days before you can collect money. On the bright side, we are still able to pass each other items through the market, just that the money will be delayed.

Server: Vakarine (바카리네)

Classes I might be playing: Either Cleric or Wizard

Times that I will be free: Weekday Evenings (GMT+8), excluding Tuesdays. Weekends all day.
^(We will just overlap our free times and see when we are able to play together)^

Team Name: Zyguard (Feel free to add me even if you're not planning to join me as a Duo)
Tahoka always dreamed of travelling around the world
She would stare out of her window longingly for hours everyday
Thinking what an exciting world it was out there
Little did she know, she was a Relevator, and the Savior.

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