We are giving out one Tree of Savior beta key to designers. Instructions here. Winner will be announced on Nov, 9th.
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TreeofSaviorGame Logo Contest (1 key Giveaway)
Dear members,

A generous beta key donation provided us the opportunity to giveaway one beta key. This time, we want to make it a contest where you will be able to participate for a key by designing a new logo for Tree of Savior Game Community (this forum). Your graphical skills are your best friends.
  • You can post your design here in this thread to participate. Not somewhere else in the forum.
  • The image must be embedded to the post and hosted on a external site like Imgur.
  • Main judges will be our staff, but we will take in consideration the opinion of all existing members as well.
  • The contest will end next Sunday and the thread will be locked in that day.
Feel free to comment on other people work, please only provide constructive feedback. As usual, any comment asking for keys that doesn't qualify as a contest entry will be deleted without exception. 

Quote:If you can design them in Illustrator it will be great. The vector format will allow us to scale the image to the appropriate sizes accordingly. However if you don't have Illustrator:

If working on a logo, try to stick with at least 1000px width and 300ppi (1x1 ratio or appropriate). That way when we scale down the pixels will not appear.

If you are working on a banner, I suggest doing it full HD in width, meaning 1920px and 300ppi, banner height should be < 200px.

In summary, the higher resolution your work is, the better it is. You can post a low resolution image here then later provide a higher resolution one in PM.


1. İmage

2. İmage


1. İmage

2. İmage

3. İmage

4. İmage


1. İmage

2. İmage


1. İmage

2. İmage

3. İmage


1. İmage


1. İmage

2. İmage


1. İmage


1. İmage
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