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Translation Corner - Andronicus - 10-01-2014

Dear forumers, 

This is the Translation section: Korean, Lithuanian or Balt, we accept all translation suggestions.

We will occasionally post untranslated texts and everyone can feel free to suggest translations. We are working our best to get our patch notes all well documented and translated. Tree of Savior is not entirely translated into English (We know this by truth, not by assumptions). Some of the terms are translated and some are not translated. 

Perhaps if the English community can suggest better translations, IMC Games personnel may use our work. (No guarantees)

Suggest translations at our terms page

Tree of Savior Terms

RE: Translation Corner - Pandaisia - 10-01-2014

For Lithuanian translations you can count on me Wink

RE: Translation Corner - Andronicus - 10-01-2014

(10-01-2014, 09:23 PM)Pandaisia Wrote: For Lithuanian translations you can count on me Wink
Thank you sir! I know I can definitely count on you! Big Grin

RE: Translation Corner - SeeD - 10-04-2014

Am I seeing what I'm seeing? 5 languages?

This is a job well done or what admin?

RE: Translation Corner - NarukamiYu - 12-24-2014

so you need the korean into english?

number 4 talks about the difficulty of a boss being altered?

8 is about a bug to a recipe that when used becomes a different recipe/item [blood something] and it causes items to be lost.
1 something about change in elite monsters? can you tell my korean is really really bad.

RE: Translation Corner - Synsane - 01-19-2015

You guys are forgetting the most important translation:
트리 오브 세이비어 - Tree of Savior. xDD

RE: Translation Corner - ryntoz - 01-28-2015

iam ready to contribute for "wiki" Indonesian language

RE: Translation Corner - sumjs_5624 - 01-28-2015

Private message Andronicus. He'll guide you from there.
Welcome to the contributors club. Big Grin

RE: Translation Corner - Celov - 02-24-2015

Good morning! (or afternoon, or evening Tongue)

For those who don't know, TOSWiki (from have a Terms Translation section where we can suggest terms and their translations to lots of languages (by now, we have 10). Those are: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese (trad./simp.), Portuguese, Thai, French, Russian, Spanish and Indonesian.

The main reason for it is to suggest translations to imc GAMES when it comes to TOS localization. There's no guarantee they will use these translations, but it's a great place where they may have a look. That would also benefit the whole community (english and regional ones) building their own translated database.

We have just a few translations at this moment. Andronicus started this project (all credits to him) and I've updated it for 2 weeks. By now we have almost 900 terms and I see it as an 'incessant job' because we lack of information and the more, the better. Tongue

As I said above, these are just suggestions. If you feel you have a better translation or you would like to contribute with terms and translations, please feel free to! This page is for the entire community.

There's a limited numbers of users who can edit this page to avoid problems and assure organization. To directly edit you need to talk to Andronicus. Even if you have a wiki account (which is apart from forum account), you need permission. He'll guide you from there.

Or you can spontaneously suggest it here! Popoblue

RE: Translation Corner - ShiroOu - 02-24-2015

(02-24-2015, 03:55 AM)Celov Wrote: Or you can spontaneously suggest it here!  Popoblue

I'm sending you a PM with a list of suggestions and corrections, it seems the faster way to do it.
All changes are commented but if you have any questions please let me know.