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PandaBRO Old Times Server - sharcklol - 01-26-2016

[Image: bkAYC9V.jpg]

Hey everybody I would like to invite all of you that are waiting for Tree of Savior, to join us on PandaBRO server. It's an international server located in USA, so it has no lag for most of players. PandaBRO already had 1000 players few years ago and now they are back. Bring your guild and your friends to play and remember that glory time we had in Ragnarok =D

Official Server Release Date - January 23, 2016

Server Release Notes
Episode 8.1.1 - Niflheim: Land of the Dead
Rates: 35/35/20
Max Base Level: 99
Max Job Level: 50
Classic Job [ Knight, Priest, etc ]
Server Custom Features
Advance Tool Dealer
War of Emperium Supplier [ Free Guild Supplies ]
Treasure Hunter Quest
Daily Automated Events
Daily Chaos Points
Daily Log in Bonus
Daily Hunt Quest
VIP System
Warp Card
Warp to Friend System
Old Glast Heim Instance
and more...

For more informations: - Site for account creation and others informations - PandaBRO's forum.

PS* I'm not a staff member, I'm just a player that wants to make the server real good for everyone.

RE: PandaBRO Old Times Server - Seyda - 04-27-2016

How often do you play? Smile I might join for a bit to say hi!