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Poll: Have You Played Ragnarok Online Before?
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Have You Played Ragnarok Online Before or Not?

Gotta enlarge this thing xD (please click on it)

Well it is there, at least we know that the developers did plan it like that at some point :o
Haha man, you're so good at this.
Only his companion will reveal one's true achievement.
Lol thanks xD just used paint there haha and what if... All classes can equip pistol? I'll totally make role playing characters (for the first time), thinking about a couple of options...
(02-01-2015, 02:54 AM)Oragura Wrote: İmage

Gotta enlarge this thing xD (please click on it)

Well it is there, at least we know that the developers did plan it like that at some point :o

Nice spot, Oragura (°A°)~
I wish we had some videos of this class ~ I think it will debut in the next CBT so we can have more info and even images of it (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜
a long time ago, I tried to make offline RO serve in the local network and worked
İmage Indonesian Gamers Waiting For TOS http://treeofsavior.web.id
I played A LOT of Ragnarok online in the very past, then played diverse mmos especially wow, aion, wildstar, guild wars 2, rift, Ragnarok 2 LOTS and others...

Although I had really fun with few of them, time wise analysis, Ragnarok still occupies top 1 list in memory (before it becomes a p2w model with bots everywhere in the official server =/)
I played a FS Priest to the high 80s.

Still the most fun healing class in any MMO ever.
Dat Mastering, ahahahah!

Who can ever forget

Click me

Good times. Good times.
The game looks so nostalgic.
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