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Panta's comments about the iCBT (Also, journey to the west)
Hey guys, your regular friendly narwhal, Panta here. SO I was selected as one of the beta testers for the iCBT, the first time I heard about that, I was not sure whether if I could play it or not, since I am in Indonesia, and they said that players from Indonesia will get an IP block. I got seriously worried whether or not I can participate on the iCBT, but I got in the game just fine so, here are my journey inside the game

SO I started as a wizard. Mostly because I liked linker. The first time I saw the skills of the linker I just thought "This is my stuffs man" and I was hooked on Linker since then!
My build was wizard->wizard->Linker->Linker->Linker->Necro->...

I'm sorry that I don't really take pictures that much on the first levels on the game, mostly because I'm too excited on the game, and I can't think straight at that time

I picked myself my male wizard and started off my journey on the iCBT.
First look of the game : Great music, some nice graphics. That is all I can say. The first 10 levels I invested on INT. After getting to lv 11, I started investing on SPR and CON.
This is my first mistake : I should have leveled on SPR from my first levels. First of all : The regens on the game is very, very, VERY bad! and SP potions are expensive as hell for new adventurers! As a wizard, you are expected to spam a lot of spells, so your sp will drain out VERY FAST. Don't worry though, there are still a cheaper solution to the sp potions : firewoods! Well I didnt know the existence of the firewoods until I got to the mines at lv 20-ish, so it's really troublesome keeping up with low SP all the time!
[Image: vJDfazf.jpg]
Now I just started taking my pictures. It's on the mines. And I'm still at....12?
I didn't know the existence of hidden quests then...
[Click to show. Click again to hide]
Don't go to the mines unless you're > lv 15 or, you have changed your job. This is very easy to do. You just need to do all the side quests (they are hidden throughout all the npc's ingame. You just need to talk to all the NPCs to get all the quests). You'll get EXP cards from the quests. DON'T USE THESE CARDS YET. I know you want to level up quickly, sure, but trust me, you'll owe me one. Use these cards after you changed jobs. You will thank me later. First 15 class jobs are easy, but 2nd circle class levels are harder to grind. After you reached lv 1 after advancing your jobs, only by then you should use all of your stacked lv1/2 EXP cards. First 10 levels can be gained easily if you do the "kill the 500 hanammings" achievement, and it will give you a black hair dye!
Hanammings are these guys
[Image: hUIV9aT.jpg]
[Image: XggDNOV.jpg]
Also another tip : please share with the new players your exp from killing hanammings by partying them. Monopolizing the entire hanamming spawning point is kinda rude. You should respect new players.

[Image: 9oVKDTI.jpg]
These are my stats at the time. I'm revealing my failure. I, as a linker, should have leveled my SPR 1st. It's my top priority
Okay moving back to the mines
[Image: nEiY5rX.jpg]
Notice that I am lv 22 here? I actually returned back to the first map and start talking to all of the NPCs. I found that I have ignored so many quests...

Anyways, these are the only screenshots from the mines. Well, nothing major happens. Only that after beating down the last boss of the mines (mine3f) he will drop something that gives you free 3 status point. After that you're off to gele plateau!
On gele plateau I found my rivals: The pantos. The goat guys
[Image: F6gOC06.jpg]
HUH, to be as fabulous and magical as me, you only need a horn. Every narwhal knows that duh!

Basically, after you got out of the mines, talk to all the NPCs, get quests, if done, do some grinding. It's only that
[Image: vtLXnd1.jpg]
The most popular grinding spot is Tenet garden. You basically grind here from lv 30-ish to 40 to get to the chapel. Chapel mobs are around 36-40 ish, and the recomended level for chapel 1f is 40 so you should really grind hard.

The second part of the review

After somegrinding, I killed some bosses
[Image: b3gNJPF.jpg]
Oh, I also found a GM! It's GM Apple I guess
[Image: HgDBBoN.jpg]

Oh and I finally managed to become a linker after some grinding!
[Image: KfPtJyv.jpg]

Okay, so after becoming a linker I went back to the chapel and do some quest. Oh, I also met Shiro in the way so I went and partied with him
Do some quests in the chapel. Killing a demon lord
[Image: oWtcq0m.jpg]
(Not really, she just flees after 50% of her HP was gone)

We went to veja and did some grinding. Grinding is really boring tho so we just went and killed some bosses after
[Image: WaAomg0.jpg]
went to some place called vieta gorge
[Image: f8fzTSd.jpg]
The place was quite pretty tho, we snapped some screenshots there
[Image: hLsnG3V.jpg]
After that we had a server maintenance. It actually quite sucks, we had to go off for awhile

After logging in again (more like, the day after), I decided to do some grinding at veja.
And my party managed to kill some field bosses. The pictures of other fieldbosses could be seen on my other thread
[Image: 6WzaX8G.jpg]

That day just ended with me grinding. You want to hear me talk about us grinding? Nah, you dont want to. Its boring.
Okay after some grinding I did some quests and I actually teleported to some other place!
Oh, and I found a harpy and shit
[Image: ni1gGy6.jpg]

Thats all for today
Ill continue later

[Image: bApOGXY.jpg]

Panta : 08/07/2015

Okay... So where do we left off yesterday?
Oh yeah, the harpy. I actually have to flee from that fight with harpy. I did it later with shiro though, so it's all fine
OKAY! SO we killed the bosses there (there are 3 at near the harpy's location)
[Image: fSjFoQ0.jpg]
And I found my narwhal bear squad! It's called the tiny magicians and archers
[Image: J8eUlZe.jpg]
Well It actually looked like, what I tought was poata. Or maybe it WAS poata(poata is the black bear that appeared on some of the quests. basically its this guy  Angry but the big one). But I'll call them my narwhal bear squad. Or Panta's narbear squad

[Image: jbH6fcC.jpg]
Here are me and shiro talking. I kinda forgot but its something about CON and DEX builder. Or linker. I don't remember haha

Then, I came back to grinding at veja
Found a good party. Also did some fieldbosses then,
[Image: oSfoPVn.jpg]
And this are me doing something to prevent boredom : linking people
[Image: 1phJWNa.jpg]
Basically like nokia.
[Image: voJ3sHo.jpg]
It's done just 2 days before the servers are closing.
[Image: mvpAng6.jpg]
I'm basically bored with grinding at the last day of the party. It was my last grinding party at the game. I'll miss you guys... Onion Cry

Oh boy, this is the last day of the beta. And I don't want to die grinding
[Image: itNkcXn.jpg]
So I made a new char! A female archer!
WHY did I chose archer? After being on lv 30-50 grinding, I saw many archers just sit in the center where the mobs spawn and spam Z. Yes, the kneeling shot... IT'S SO OP. It doesn't even cost any SP. Oh god!
After tasting the OP ness of the kneeling shot, I farmed 500 hanammings. And look what I found! A wizard! Well, I should share my exp with other players so, I partied with her. We did quests together to lv 20 on the mines later.... Aww Guardia-chan... I missed you!
[Image: MYgYUNS.jpg]
She basically helped me kill 500 hanammings, so I helped her kill 500 others too. I basically monopolized the right side of the field and she's on the left side
[Click to show. Click again to hide]
Here's the tips of grinding : there are basically 3 types of the same monster. The normal one, the one that glows YELLOW, and the one that glows BLUE. The normal one is just the normal one. Nothing special. The yellow one gives a greater drop rate. It gives A LOT of silvers and probably all the stuffs it could drop. The blue ones are the ones that you would like to look for when grinding. It gives a crazy amount of EXP! Probably 1000x the normal ones!
The tip is, while grinding, you would like to kil the normal ones, while searching for the blue ones. After seeing one, kill it! The end of tip
[Image: kM26tow.jpg]
Here's us with both black hair. Hey Guar-chan, It's us! Aren't we cute, hehe

[Image: 1QwlMSk.jpg]
I managed to find Karjalainen too along the way, we partied a bit and then we left for klapedia.
[Image: t402f8v.jpg]
In klapedia karjalainen left us... But I'm still with Guar-chan! Haha, she's my PARTNER now. Shiro, you didnt even compare to her!

BTW here's the picture of a poata :
[Image: wzoGzR4.jpg]

Then we went to the mines. I changed my job too (before getting to the mines)!
[Image: 7aAJp5W.jpg]
But Guardia chan haven't, so we quested the repeat quest a bit after I got to my Ranger, and then we're ready... FOR THE SPECTRE MASTER. Guardia chan became a circle2 wizard actually, so you won't see her change clothes
[Image: dbs1hj8.jpg]
Well, after doing the spectre master I realized I need to rest for awhile. I changed back to my linker and AFK'ed for probably 3-4 hours
After this : My great journey to the west. Stay tuned!

I'm tired, I'll rest abit before continuing my epic journey to the west!

[Image: bApOGXY.jpg]

Panta : 08/07/2015

I was wondering something, I see you, and others, saying to save up the EXP cards to after changing classes but I wonder, why?
Isn't the same amount of EXP the cards give now the same as given later? Isn't the same amount needed to level the same now as later? So basically, the amount you're going to grind now will be the same as later.

Mathematically, there is no reason to save up the cards. I can understand though, if you want to quickly raise your class level after you get your new shiny class, but that would be the only reason.
@Sekuiya : One reason is because before you changed jobs, the 1st circle's job exp could be gained easily by grinding. It's a waste of cards, seriously. If you did what I said and use all of lv1-2 card you got from quests at the first 3 maps, you can get about 4-6 levels free from grind. That's what you need. The job levels for 2nd circle is significantly harder to grind. This is the faster way to get to lv 15 2nd circle easily. It helps, but not that much though, since you still need to grind anyways. But it significantly cut your grinding time for about 2-3 hours.

This is a story
About a foolish man who heard that there was another big city other than klapedia in the west. He decided to go there

Okay, so I went to the steam chat and saw everyone (AKA/Franne, Sakuya/fairyhell, and Shiro) talking about the existence of another big city
[Image: is8uYNw.jpg]
That city is around that area that was pointed by the red arrow. But i still don't know anything at that time

They said its only some walks away from the gate area. I have grinded near the gate area before, and well, I got bored to the old Klapedia city, and its the day of the end of the beta anyways, and I don't want to miss my chance to pretty sights... So, then I set my journey to the Fedimian. I have no clue where that is, so I just wander around, aimlessly.

That was the start of my journey. I started from the gate area and started going wherever the hell the map are. I don't have any idea where I'm going. These screenshots are just some of MANY maps I explored.
[Click to show. Click again to hide]
Try checking the upper-right part of the screenshot. See how much hours I was lost searching for Fedimian?

Hey, I found a map where every NPC is called NODATA QUEST!
[Image: 9U5TjDT.jpg]
Well, uh, not every single one of them, but at least in that area.
Another walking, and oh lets see here... Some addicted monks?
[Image: xf21jWv.jpg]
I'm not sure what they're addicted for, but see kids? You don't want to be as wasted as these monks do you? Don't do drugs kids
Another map near the addicted monks are...
[Image: 5M5lwSD.jpg]
DUDE, WHAT'S WITH THIS DEPRESSING THEMES. Junkie monks thats wasted everywhere, now a BANKRUPTED BEE FARMER?
[Image: b0Co4Z7.jpg]
Oh, no wonder he went bankrupted. His bees are this giant bear-bee thing
[Image: fcZ2jZT.jpg]
There's also the smaller version

After the bee farm, I just started exploring stuff, and i stumbled upon these grape field
[Image: AvhQi2C.jpg]
The grape farm is HUGE, it takes about 2-3... maybe more maps...
And also, beautiful music. and the maps are practically around 140-160 levels? I kinda forgot. MAN! Why do the beautiful musics only came on high leveled maps! Not that the low leveled ones are bad, but I atually prefer these musics that played on the grape field and bee farm.
[Image: Tyyiebs.jpg]
I found digitamamon! Or ryu-ran. Or whatever. Also a white, narbear, with 2 other horns, I'm guessing the other 2 horns are from its helmet so
[Image: ChDhvwo.jpg]

Anyways, back to my journey to Fedimian
[Image: 0b3dIIz.jpg]
Went to the other map. Still grape fields everywhere.... Oh look, some irigation waterway and stuff
[Image: d4UxMux.jpg]
See the beautiful dandelions flying on the field.... It's... Beautiful... You may not have seen it because it's not moving and stuff, but it's a pretty sight.

Near the dandelion + grape fields though, I found a portal. I went to it and it sends me to a place called the demon prison
[Image: 4gSCrhE.jpg]
It's still demon prison 1f. It has no enemies whatsoever, so I went to the 2f and... The mobs are very aggresive there. WHen I see one, I just died. And I forgot to screenshot it...

ANYWAYS, back at klapedia, moving back to gate route. Realizing I have picked the wrong path, I decided to go north-east this time. Then I found desert place and cliffs. I kinda forgot to snap screenshots there. But the desert place has mobs around 60-70 levels. Yay, finally something I can kill for a while. Even though its kinda weird since to go there, you have to go through 2-3 maps with around 120-130 mobs.
[Image: XE8Bu7p.jpg]
Oh hey, I found platypuses too.

After getting to the deserts, I found someplace that has a warning that entry is forbidden.
Near the sign theres the necro master. Yea. At least now I know where the necro master is
[Image: U2iP32L.jpg]
I went to the place the warning sign is pointing on
[Image: HSm243Q.jpg]
It's marshes! Damn, I'm not sure where I am or what I've done, or am I on the right path or not, but the mobs here came to like me, and 2 of them actually killed me there. It has some beautiful music there tho.

Anyways back to klapedia, and I went back to gate route... no, gateway of the kings? I'm sure thats where the deserts is. And I walk some paths away.... and somehow I found myself in the bee farm/grape field again DANGIT

Then I went back to klapedia again, and this time I got my trusty mate, world map from ToSbase!
Then I just follow the map and here and there
[Image: 4i9i6BX.jpg]
And I found a historian called bread. Oh, it's beard. And he almost have no beard. That's weird. Anyways I want ToS to have a facial hair cosmetics, or even have some beard customization
[Image: 2kAZaLM.jpg]
Oh and I found green variation of ryu-ran. Or digitamamon.

[Image: db9GlTn.jpg]
See the clock at the upper-right section of the screenshot? Compare that to my image with addicted monks/nodata quest npcs
Its around 3h and 30 mins!

I wasted that much time and effort to look for fedimian...
And it's not on the world map yet... Going so far, that I had to use the ToSbase map just for reaching Fedimian
Anyways, if you want to check out where the real fedimian is, check the link up there, I'm not sure if our wiki has it.

Thats it folks, my journey to Fedimian officially ends and it also marked the end of my iCBT review
Overall The game is nice and good. Unique playstyles for each and every class in the ToS is mostly the most exciting part about this game. Great musics on the higher leveled area, but the low leveled is actually good too, also the music together with the art, really complements the theme of the game of being simple, with unique gameplay and the story is quite nice. I actully read some of it, but mostly skips through it because of limited time.

For the music I gave it a 4/5-> Great musics at higher leveled area IMO, could get some work to have an area specific music for every map, but nah, It's already great. If they did it It will be nice though
For the art/graphics I gave it a 4.5/5-> beautiful maps! good character designs and mobs!
Gameplay : 3/5. Some bugs are still annoying at battles, if they fixed it I'll gladly give 4.5/5
Overall : 4.5/5. Great game. Its good, simple, yet exciting. I want to try doing all the classes already! But I can't. The limits are 5 chars per account, if you buy a new lodge you can get up to 10 chars, but nah, I'll stick with 5

Also note this: Everyone that complains about the slow grinding didn't know how much time and effort I along with other RO players did to get our chars to lv100 just to reset it to lv1 again and level it to lv100 again. It could get to a year!
I think grinding is the most boring part of the game. But to say that the levels are slow? No this is very fast!
But having this slow exp rate on CBT is what intrigues me most, I agree with most people that this slow paced exp rates are not good for beta tests, since we cant get to higher levels fast enough to test the bugs on higher levels. But if this is the final release, this exp rates are ridiculously high for this kind of game. Especially with the help of blue mobs, you can get to lv 100 easily, probably with only around 1 week of gameplay. Yeah, around 3-4 weeks of casual gaming probably, but it's still ridiculously high though

Anyways that marks the end of my review. See you folks!

[Image: bApOGXY.jpg]

Panta : 08/07/2015

THANK you for the share of your experience with high level area.... man those Bees, good thing those didn't attack you

How are u suppose to even fight those things
Fixed some images and added the fedimian screenshot

[Image: bApOGXY.jpg]

Panta : 08/07/2015

Dogs are indeed the man's best friends. Narwhals are so disloyal and will abandon you for any random chick, pfft.
[Image: trainercard-Shiro.png]
I think this is off-topic, so I apologize, but what level do you need to change your hairstyle color? Any materials also?
Life without love is like a tree without blossoms...

The cruel truth...[Click to show. Click again to hide]
No level, you get those by achievements (like kill 500 specific type of mobs, or do x amount of crafted items), or perhaps in game shop too once the game is released.
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(08-11-2015, 12:04 PM)Oriceles Wrote: No level, you get those by achievements (like kill 500 specific type of mobs, or do x amount of crafted items), or perhaps in game shop too once the game is released.

Huh? I'm surprised. I didn't expect that. Well, I'm really glad to hear this! This makes me wish harder to reach that.
By the way, I'm curious if we can see how we are going to look before changing the color, like the character creation.
Life without love is like a tree without blossoms...

The cruel truth...[Click to show. Click again to hide]

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