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About Field Bosses (also Party Quest)
So I need to explain this to you guys so there won't be corpses...everywhere
I've killed 3 fieldbosses, 1 on quite high leveled area where no one grinds there, so it is fine
2nd is on quite low leveled area (30, and my party's at 50's) and its on high populated grinding area... And I saw some gruesome scene where corpses are lying everywhere
3rd is on East Siaulai woods (for lv 10 or so) and the newbs that got there just died... Horribly

Too bad I didnt snap some pictures about the corpses there. There are 2 grinding parties on the scene, and they just died trying to poke the field boss
I made new screenshot on some fieldboss i hunted at the last day of the beta, and here are your picture of the corpseparty
[Image: TuR0lAm.jpg]

Okay So I'm gonna tell you about these Field Bosses, or rather...Party Quests/events or so

SO, Field bosses are... As it sounds like... A boss that appears randomly on the field... I thought it was true for awhile, but, trust me, ITS NOT. It's summoned. Yes, Field Bosses are summoned by people in a party.These are the steps to summon it :
1st step : Make a party. Easy right? Open the party management (F6) and just create a party.
[Image: ScOdXLV.jpg]
Okay So see here, you open the party management (F6), open the party event, there's where the quest to summon the monster will come out. But how to get that? I'll explain it on the next step

2nd step : Make your party full. It should be 5 people. No less. It MUST be full of 5 people. Levels could be varied, but it's dangerous for low leveled members to go kill the field boss, so same leveled party members are preferred. And this levels also affect the level of the bosses summoned. SO basically the level of the field boss are determined by the average of your party member's level. This is an important step. You can't accept the quest (more like, you cant summon the field boss) unless you have a full party member.

3rd step : Just Grind and do anything you want with your party. Some random time later, if you're keen enough to check on the F6 Party event tab, you will see something appearing there every so often. yeah, just like that image on the top. It appears randomly after some certain amount of time, or random times. IDK OKAY, IT JUST APPEARS RANDOMLY IF YOU GOT 5 MEMBERS ON YOUR PARTY. Well I usually got it while grinding. Once the quest is there, please ask your party leader to accept the quest to summon the field boss (and of course kill it)

4th step : See the instructions on the party event. It will tell you to go to a certain spot on a certain area. The spot will be marked with an X (See image bellow)
[Image: 6iphnhn.jpg]
See that X on the map? Thats where you must go. All party members should be near where the X is to summon the boss. This is the most frustrating part sometimes, since 2 times of my field boss hunt was delayed since the members in question are getting lost.

5th step : After you gathered on the said spot, the boss will magically appear from the ground. Yeah, like this one
[Image: O1n86wY.jpg]
It will appear without a cutscene or whatever, for safety purposes, I advise you (especially if you're made to go to a spot where where there are low leveled grinding parties, to notify the low leveled parties to leave since it will get dangerous. Yes It's really dangerous, well, except if your party level is as low as the reccomended level of the map, but that rarely happened tho
Another picture  :
[Image: IJtI6at.jpg]

6th step : Kill it. Duh, that's what you're here for
7th step : enjoy the loots! Well the loots are usually cosmetic stuffs like helmets, headbands, and other cosmetics. And some cosmetic sub weapons too. And some silvers. That's it. What do you expect!
[Image: JYwMvta.jpg]
Yeah, I got a dumbell and a shovel. It does nothing excepts for cosmetics, no stats upgrade or whatever

And That's it! I hope you now understand how dangerous it is to poke at someparty else's field boss (especially high leveled ones)
You'll die horribly

[Image: bApOGXY.jpg]

Panta : 08/07/2015

Additional information:

Once the boss is going to die, it usually spams tons of painful attacks. If you die--even just a split of second--before the boss dies and as well fails to revive (before the boss dies), you will miss ALL your loots and money and experience...even though you might be the MVP or stuff.
Only his companion will reveal one's true achievement.
Thanks for the guide Pantsu xD
The want of one affects others.
- Dondex
Oh, I had no idea D: Then this was...[Click to show. Click again to hide]

yh its that one ora
You sure know your stuff huh?

[Image: bApOGXY.jpg]

Panta : 08/07/2015

It's just because at some point I thought that mini bosses and summoned bosses were the same thing lol
Interesting, great guide to it Panta. Curious to figure out exactly how the mechanic of the quest actually appearing is triggered.
[Image: U31dcDW.png]
See, this is what happens if you approach a field boss carelessly
[Image: TuR0lAm.jpg]
EVEN I DIED, also some people who saw the map that theres a field boss and tried to poke it

Also another field boss
[Image: 0YdzSGn.jpg]
I don't really know if its bug or not but the boss' hp bar didnt show up for me after about 15 seconds so i fight him mostly without looking at his hp bar. I have no idea when he died

[Image: bApOGXY.jpg]

Panta : 08/07/2015

look excited for the game
especially the boss batlle

You should include that image on the main post lol
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