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Full Version: Meet Skogul, my first character
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Named after a Tower of Saviors Valkyrie of Divine Wine character, Skogul is the first character I've decided to create in Tree of Savior after the betas. In this thread I'll talk about my class choices, gear picks and some wizard tips I've learned.

[Image: TrFGQ9I.jpg]

I rarely play wizards in any game, except for Torchlight II which lead me to decide playing a wizard here. 

I started without a serious plan just knew that magic missile is awesome to clear waves really fast and attribute 5 quick cast is broken, it grants you 50% cast time reduction and 50% increased magic damage over the duration at the expense of adding extra mana cost, which reminds me of Final Fantasy Turbo MP skill. If you want to pick that skill first you have to invest a lot on on SPR or your mana pool will be gone before you are aware of it. 

Wizard 3 has a lot of possibilities since Quick Cast and Sure Spell are awesome tools that can help any other circle and can help you go solo in almost every fight.

[Image: EWSSw6t.jpg]

Everything was fine until I had to choose for 4th circle advancement, I really didn't know what to go for. I got bored of Pyromancer during CBT1, Cryomancer is not my thing, Linker and Thauma ar too supportish, and Psychokino doesn't have too much synergy with my previous skills, so after talking with Kiyoshiro and Skygrinder decided to pick Elementalist and max electrocute. Quick Cast and Sure Spell comes really handy on Elementalist. My build now is aiming for Elementalist C3 + Runecaster and then Warlock if I'm able to pick it.

There Skygrinder pointed me something I didn't know, that was that I can save my skill points from this circle and they will carry to the next one, I feel dumb because if I had know that before I wouldn't have wasted points on Sleep or Reflect Shield, I could have buffed my Earthquake to 15, I don't have TP for skill reset scroll because I bought a pretty dress you can see on my first screenshot, and we won't be able to buy TP until Early Access ends, those that have extra TP is because they bought all 3 Early Access packages. Knowing that now, I'm gonna save my points and this is what my build should look like if I hadn't messed my early points, Dinkleberg has gone too far.

Now, talking about gear I would suggest buying 2 staff that are my current favorites: The Magic Wooden staff lv. 40, and Magi staff lv. 75. Both grant extra INT bonus which but their Magic Attack is kinda low, this can be solved by gems and anvil enhancement, personally is not a big problem for me since I do spam more with quick cast than kill auto attacking like a Pyromancer would. The next image displays how I have allocated my points and the stats of my staff. I got some bonus points from statues and gear thought:

[Image: Lwtbuno.jpg]

I'll keep updating this thread with whatever I find curious.
Looks like you're having a great time. I was thinking of playing Wizard so I can get to Warlock and perhaps Chronomancer, but Sadhu still seems great to me. How do you feel about Energy Bolt? I remember some people were complaining about it.
(04-18-2016, 01:15 PM)SteelCrow Wrote: [ -> ]How do you feel about Energy Bolt?  I remember some people were complaining about it.

The guy is maxing earthquake, are you sure you want opinions from him?
(04-18-2016, 03:41 PM)ShiroOu Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-18-2016, 01:15 PM)SteelCrow Wrote: [ -> ]How do you feel about Energy Bolt?  I remember some people were complaining about it.

The guy is maxing earthquake, are you sure you want opinions from him?

Feels meh after some time, but attribute for this skill is really cheap so I can't complain, yet Freezing Sphere is Energy Bolt 2.0 with larger cooldown but shorter cast, in total 6 spell charges with both. As for my Earthquake recommendation, well, sleep won't help you much, same goes with lethargy, reflect shield is totally meh unless you want to buy attribute for it which has % damage reduction based on the attribute, so why not earthquake?.
Cute wizzie =] and nice +bonuses!!
(04-26-2016, 08:42 PM)Seyda Wrote: [ -> ]Cute wizzie =] and nice +bonuses!!

thank u, and welcome!