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Full Version: Marriage?
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I updated the photo, that little detail! So good!

I don't know if you're a kawaii potato or just a potato, only time will tell. ;p
This is the exact reason why I don't trust wizards.
1) Maybe I guess. If the original has then maybe.

2) Well MMO is basically Role-Playing so as long as you don't things seriously I guess its ok

3) Minor buffs when you are with your marriage partner? Like small % and stuff.

4) Lol probably not unless there is a buff. Maybe Skygrinder. Nope lol, just joking. But if there is a buff and it's free I might consider marrying in-game to someone i play often with.

5) Nope. Not that I tried haha.

6) Stealing is alr ethically wrong =.= Unless you wanna be some robin hood.
I hope i can marry a cute girl (i verify that they were actually real girl irl xD ) in TOS like i did 100000 times in RO xD i would like TOS to allow gay marriage it would be fun xD
I would like some special skill allow by getting a bride (or husband) or special emote
I think i can marry anyone friendly x)
I think it's ethically right to pretend to be a girl only to marry a rich player and steal all his money since it's a RPG you can pretend to be anyone it's like role playing personnaly i never pretend to be a girl to steal money or stuff and i never get trap by some since i'm like that Assassin's story RO Smile
(08-05-2015, 07:22 PM)shuve Wrote: [ -> ]1. I hope not
2. I dont really care
3. No buff but maybe an extra skill for wife to emergency summon the husband...... ;p or maybe a skill called "sacrifice" for your other half (by sacrifice all of his/her HP to fill the other one's HP)
4. probably not going to...
5. nope
6. Is this even a question??

Lol the only thing you did elaborate on is number 3 haha.
(08-06-2015, 01:20 AM)Melio Etta Zyguard Wrote: [ -> ]6) Stealing is alr ethically wrong =.= Unless you wanna be some robin hood.
Nah, Robin Hood's stealing is wrong, too.

I've never been involved in in-game marriages, or with anyone who has.  I don't plan to, but I might marry a woman I'm romantically involved with or already married to irl.  There's not a chance I'd marry in a game to somebody I don't know irl.  The potential disruption in-game and in-real-life is too massive.  To me there's not much difference between marrying in a game and marrying in real life, as far as commitment goes.  Since I'd only marry in the most select of circumstances, for me it might as well not be included in the game.  I could still just tell everyone I'm married anyways.

Answered 2, 4, 5, and 6.

I don't think there will be a marriage system.  If imcGAMES makes one, it needs to be connected to Tree of Savior's religious lore somehow.  Granting a teleportation skill makes sense, but anything more gives too many incentives.  Marriage shouldn't be encouraged for core gameplay.
Regarding the second question, my stance remains mostly the same. If you invite me to a gay marriage, I may decline, if I'm not good friends with you, probably because it's indeed a gay marriage. I won't stop you from marring, I don't think I have the right to even attempt that, just don't make a scene and respect my position and we'll all be happy.

Basically, in MMO, I think anyone should be able to marry who they "love", regardless of the sex.
I don't mind Robin Hood's stealing. Damn, now I wish there was a thief's so sad that they are not giving us thief/assassin within those 80 classes :/
Yeah but their is the Rogue
(08-05-2015, 02:16 PM)Kadamode Wrote: [ -> ]One of my fondest memories of RO was crashing weddings, pretending to be drunk on that honeymoon island and getting married to strangers who are secretly guys trying to get all of my item. Seeing how ToS is from the makers of RO, will there be a marriage system in this game? At the same time, seeing how the marriage system is quite rare to see in MMO these days (I can only recall 2 other games with marriages) so it might also not be in this game. Either way, to make it easier for most of you to participate in this thread, here are some questions.

1. Do you think ToS will include marriages?
2. What is your stance on the marriage system in MMO? (pro/anti/neutral/LGBBQ pride/MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN AS DESIGNED BY OUR LORD GOD AND NOT SOME VIRTUAL PRETEND "MARRIAGE")
3. Assuming ToS adopts the marriage system, would you rather have it as purely cosmetic or there are beneficiary bonuses (buffs, etc.)?
4. Who would you marry in-game? (stranger you just met, online friend, irl friend, irl grilfriend, guildmate, your imouto-chan, yer mum, etc)
5. Have you ever been married in any MMO?
6. Is it ethically wrong to pretend to be a girl only to marry a rich player and steal all his money? (I ain't sayin' she's a gold digger)

You post an interesting discussion, Kadakins. I have those memories of Jawaii as well. The G.I.R.Ls are definitely a huge presence in MMOs, most are quite upfront about their sex, with various reasons why they choose a female character instead of one of their sex. All valid reasons for them, it isn't really my place to judge their reason.

  1. I think they will introduce in-game marriage with some sort of "Love Quest" to it, and price for the venues if enough of their audiences are interested in it.
  2. As in Life, I think you should pursue what bring you happiness.
  3. I enjoyed cutesy bonuses, emotes, and buffs that comes with in-game marriage. -Casts I MISS YOU-
  4. That's a secret.   Popoblue
  5. Come to think of it...I've been a bride's maid a lot, but never a bride.  Onion LOL  
  6. I think it is wrong to pretend to be someone you are not with the purpose of fooling/scamming another person. It is easy to make fun of others for falling to the schemes, but for a while there...Someone invested their feelings into someone, and that should be respected. As for the person that played with someone's feelings, shame on you! 
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